Gluten Free Rome?

As someone who dates a bread rejector, I’m all too informed of the hassle coeliac disease presents whilst travelling. Gluten-Free dining can be a farce in the UK. Very occasionally a restaurant has a dedicated gluten-free menu, but more often than not, a folder of biblical length (decorated by a plethora of sauces) is deposited … Continue reading Gluten Free Rome?

A Spontaneous Trip to Rome Part 2

Read part 1 here: A Spontaneous Trip to Rome Part 1 Trastevere Our first morning in Rome had been incredibly fascinating. We had ticked off three of the Capital’s major landmarks; however, it had been very full-on. For this reason, we planned to have a more relaxed afternoon exploring the colourful bohemian cobbled streets of … Continue reading A Spontaneous Trip to Rome Part 2

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