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Gluten Free Rome?

As someone who dates a bread rejector, I’m all too informed of the hassle coeliac disease presents whilst travelling. Gluten-Free dining can be a farce in the UK. Very occasionally a restaurant has a dedicated gluten-free menu, but more often than not, a folder of biblical length (decorated by a plethora of sauces) is deposited…

Electric Cars by 2030, Are We Ready?

As a petrol head, I have an inherent dislike for electric cars; however, as an inhabitant of planet Earth, I have no valid excuse to ignore the need for sustainable travel. When the government recently announced that they were bringing forward the ban on selling petrol or diesel cars to 2030, I have to admit…

A Spontaneous Trip to Rome Part 3

Read Part 1 Here. Read Part 2 Here. On the second day, I woke up having had less sleep than desired due to our incompetence navigating the air-con unit’s controls the night before. Thankfully I didn’t feel too tired. I assume it was due to my excitement for exploring the City for the second day.…

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